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PostSubject: Guild Rules   Guild Rules I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 23, 2008 4:03 pm

The Guild:
Slackers is a casual, friendly guild that offers a relaxed and good humoured atmosphere to its members.
We are NOT a hardcore raiding guild, although it is planned to make of this guild a casual raiding guild. Therefore, we are concentrating our efforts in order to reach this end, without losing our casual and friendly identity.

As stated above, English is the main and only language to be used in guild chat. Please avoid using any other language when talking to the guild!


In order to maintain friendliness and a good humoured atmosphere in the guild, it is mandatory to behave properly to other guild members, as well as non-guild members.Therefore, do not use language or behave in a manner that can be considered insulting or offensive to other people.
The breaking of this rule can lead to guild kick.Remember, we want to maintain a good guild reputation.

Begging and Selling:

Do not beg for money or items. No exceptions.

We expect all those that would like to do raids to look here for more information and do all that's needed to be able to start raiding.
Raids will be announced here on forum, also subscribing for raid can be done on forum when times comes.

New Members:
New members will begin on Trial. If you play regular, you will be promoted to member. Officers will decide if this happens. Should it take longer than 2 weeks, tell an officer.

Character Inactivity and Guild Kick:
When a character stays for one months inactive (not logged in), that character will be kicked from the guild.
If a member wants to stay in the guild but has some real life commitments that will prevent gaming for an extended period of time,please get in touch with an officer. Characters with officer notes shall not be kicked from the guild.

NOTE: The reason to guild kicks due to inactivity is only to keep the guild roster clean.

The maximum number of alts any member can have in the guild is set to 3. However, try to keep the number of alts to a minimum to keep the guild roster as clean as possible.

Recruiting will be conducted following the rules indicated in the Recruiting section of this forum.

In order to have Slackers free of unwanted members, we are forced to put in a Warnings system. This system is to protect everyone’s right to play in a friendly place without people trying to ruin their game experience. The system is very simple:
First warning: officer warns the player and writes info on officer notes
Second warning: as above.
Third warning: Guild kick.
After a certain time without warnings, previous warnings will be deleted, resetting the number of warnings any member may have.

This rule is devised to get rid of the most offensive members that might get in the guild. Most of us should not worry about it too much.
In addition to the warnings: Ninjalooting does not fall in that warning system. A mistake can be made. But when there's proof of someone doing it on purpose, it will result in guildkick.
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Guild Rules
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